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Give Supplement Vitamins for Kids, Is This Good Solution?

Parents wanting their children grow up healthy. Parents try to give the best for children, ranging from choosing a variety of healthy foods, supplements and provide a variety of needs so that children can grow up like other children. Provide supplemental material here can be interpreted to give an addition to the maximum child growth.

Providing a vitamin supplement is also good to help the growth of children apart from that vitamins can also help keep the immune system. The problem is whether the child should be given all the different types of vitamins? Does the child should be given vitamin every day? At what age in children should given vitamin supplements?

Ok, we try to discuss the first question. Does the child must be given all the different types of vitamin supplements? Each person's body does need all the different types of vitamin supplements. But it's good for parents to give supplement that child has a specific vitamin deficiency. If you are providing Healthy Eating for Kids, it is included in meeting the vitamin. Therefore, given certain vitamins needed by kids.

The next question is, Does children should be given vitamin supplements every day? You do not have to do this, why? Providing healthy food has become one of the ways to meet the needs of vitamins in children. Vitamin supplements are given if the child is experiencing lack of vitamins. Suppose the child was suffering from bleeding gums, the children lack of vitamin C. Simply giving children supplements of vitamin C to heal.

The last question, what age in children should given vitamin supplements? Actually, vitamin supplementation is not dependent on age. You can provide vitamin supplements if your child really needs. If you do not have vitamin deficiencies, provide healthy food is very good to meet the nutritional needs of children.