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As reported inside the Daily Times, Conscious Journeys alumni usually present their experiences installing a photovoltaic (PV) program inside a Tibetan health clinic. Presentations are scheduled inside Farmington, New Mexico plus Durango, Colorado. The Solar Mission to Tibet that took spot June 4-18, was organized by Conscious Journeys, Tibetan Village Project (TVP), plus San Juan College (New Mexico).

This summer a team of 10 pupils was led by Chris Strouthopoulos, assistant professor of English, outside leadership plus coordinator of global programs at San Juan College, plus Mike Sullivan, an adjunct technology teacher.

The PV program was installed at a health clinic inside the town of Sihurong, placed found on the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. It can provide electricity for lights plus required equipment inside the clinic. The clinic delivers villagers inside the region access to western plus conventional medication. It was integrated 2010 by TVP, a small-scale development NGO which couples with Conscious Journeys to raise revenue plus volunteers for projects crafted to better the standard of existence inside remote Tibetan regions, protect Tibetan culture, plus improve sustainability.

The pupils received credit according to their interests; several focused about PV technology plus installation, plus others focused about cultural plus religious research. Additionally to the solar installation, the pupils had regional homestays, visited monasteries, plus had the possibility of mountain trekking.

The participants gained firsthand knowledge of Tibetan daily existence plus culture, plus learned regarding the continuous challenges for remote Tibetans that have limited access to medical, knowledge, plus financial chances. The group journeyed with Conscious Journeys, a volun-tourism business which recruits groups to do service project inside remote Tibetan villages.

Kandy LeMoine, among the project participants, might speak regarding her experiences found on the solar mission. "I have usually desired to satisfy the persons of Tibet, she mentioned. I've had an interest inside the Tibetan Buddhist belief. The individuals were truly cheerful, friendly plus interested. We had translators, yet I don't think correspondence was an matter. It was thus simple to communicate from smiles plus gestures."

Strouthopoulos can additionally provide a presentation this month. "It was magical," he mentioned. "The Buddhist culture plus spirit is really sturdy. It permeates each aspect of lifetime. These are typically the warmest, kindest-hearted persons. I really keep getting drawn back there."

LeMoine's presentation is held about Nov. 20 at Farmington's Sycamore Park Community Center, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Strouthopoulos's presentation is held about Nov. 28 at San Juan College's Center for Teaching Excellence at 2:30 pm.

The cause of the presentations is to raise awareness for the function of Tibetan Village Project plus to motivate others to receive included inside TVP's projects.

Conscious Journeys is the volun-tourism system of the NGO Tibetan Village Project. Tours focus about providing services to surrounding communities, practicing sustainable travel, supporting regional companies plus connecting inside a positive plus meaningful method with Tibetan communities over the plateau.